Sunday, December 1, 2019

October 2019 blog report

Blog incomes report

I never thought to share blog income report; but I understand that it’s good tracking way,  pick up this from other bloggers ,by searching how better to improve blog business?  I found many bloggers sharing periodic incomes reports.

Background story on my monthly income reports.

Michelle, inspired me to publish a blog incomes report, she’s  making $70, 000 from her blog.
I was happy, to find blogger are real newbies in their first setup days.
As many bloggers, I believed in  real  start up and online services like a hoster or a store, I don’t knew any thing, about  create side incomes from  blogging, today, I track my  earning weekly, I’m not ready to do  it daily, as my  blog still small.

I’m happy today to annonce, that my blog incomes was druped up in May 2019, here my September 2019 incomes earning report.
I want to annonce that it was my yearly vacancy, so my blog incomes are the same as July report , I worked on the same project with some change on my daily routine.
October 2019
This month normal, i fellow the same routine as the last month , as kids teacher, I am temping to activate  mu online school for the next year , in other hand I was so busy to report my writing  gigs, working on my fourth book,  I also apdated the resourses page, so here how things turn on in September for target business blog.

  • Affiliate Dreamtera:  $5
  • Miscellaneous Sponsored Work: $440
  • writing gigs Sponsored Posts: $100
  • target business Sponsored Posts: $380
  • Google Adsense: $3.22
  • Freelancer job as blog creator and manager $2800
  • Printable design $ 1000
  • online and oflline kids arabic Frensh and English teatcher:$2000
total $6728,22

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