Friday, August 16, 2019

I need help here, comments and likes this month


After three years of business writing, I discover  how hard blogging is?

I was blogging since 2008,  I did a lot of mistakes, like giving low importance to my blog posts, I wrote any things, copy paste posts from other blogs , taking affiliate content  like a machine, this were seriously distributive, plus the time lost.

I realised how poor blog I have after reading how-to-get-blog-followers? And the 10 thing to do to grow social media rank.
How this Blog helped me in my business, after all this time?
Today I have experience and  skills to face the truth, when I saw visitors report,I have good news and bad news, the Good is thatI got a lot of readers 4459 in just one post , the bad one iiiis there are all without any comments, or replies no feedback or shares, you can see here Start with Blogger ( Blogspot)

This one got 144 readers

Here an other article with 256 readers without any comment or share or like

I don4t know were is the problem if you know; please help me to clear it.

I wrote this post to fellow me , help me and support this beginner blog to grow up, as I lost my Toshiba laptop and my Smart phone, I just using  our desk PC last three month, I am writing rarely last time since, I did a hard job to start a blog business, today my key is to share this blog voice as a freelancer mom, please share me, support this blog, or show me How to grow it?

Thinks for reading
 I need you comment 

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