Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Blog April 2019 incomes report

log incomes report

I never thought to share blog income report; but I understand that it’s good tracking way,  pick up this from other bloggers ,by searching how better to improve blog business?  I found many bloggers sharing periodic incomes reports.

Background story on my monthly income reports.

Michelle, inspired me to publish a blog incomes report, she’s  making $70, 000 from her blog.
I was happy, to find blogger are real newbies in their first setup days.
As many bloggers, I believed in  real  start up and online services like a hoster or a store, I don’t knew any thing, about  create side incomes from  blogging, today, I track my  earning weekly, I’m not ready to do  it daily, as my  blog still small.

I’m happy today to annonce, that my blog incomes was druped up in April 2019, here my March 2019 incomes earning report.

In April I  updated all old articles, turn theme into  long form content helped me to add moe value to my  blog.
In plus I inserted Addthis tool for more networking opportunities.

Other thing, I just discovred the marketing force of Pinterest, I never believe in it, but today, I spend 4 hours per week networking in this greate  platform, After 2 weeks, Analytics shows important grow  in traffic quality ,from 285 views per month to 6k  in April,topicaly I shared more then 50 content per week from my blog in April 2019.
Second, I got good experience creating blogs, either blogspot or Wordpress, What halped me wining freelancer gigs from local circle and friends, So I won  a contrat to  create  a local newspaper with blogger.

So In April 2019 freelancing  job grow up  my earning, compared to last month see how below.

April 2019

  • I was using Chitika networking befor it down, but this not infected my earning anyway.
  • Affiliate I used Amazon Sales: $0
  • Miscellaneous Sponsored Work: $48
  • writing gigs Sponsored Posts: $110
  • target business Sponsored Posts: $300
  • Google Adsense: $2.95
  • Freelancer job as blog creator and manager $600
total $1068, 95

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