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Start with Blogger ( Blogspot)

In this guide , I will show you step by step to set up a cheap blogger from Google account, I know most bloggers are wordpress, I am too, but blogger cost less with good management features, I will show you how to spend less then $2 and start your home based business, using your own domain name and getting pro graphic. this is my system to start small and grow fast later.

To start a profitable blog business you need to understand the major three keys "MtK"
1- Blog Name
3- Content=seo

1- Blog name
-Choosing your site name determines its niche, it related of people elite you want to attract into your blog, there a lot online  resources, exposing how to choose your niche,I readied thousand articles and books about this, I finished with a resume that choose a niche where you have a lot of knowledges and expertize, whatever a small or big target topic , the key is to focus on some angle or area, and be genus with our reader by sharing what you know.
- Create a domain name:
To help readers find your blog, this need a domain name that speak it self, easy to be found and indexed, it cost around $13 per year, here how I started without spending on domain, because I was real $0 credit card ,I tried every thing to get funded from fund raising to online loans, nothing worked in my situation, I  taken risk starting with totally free domain name " tk"" if you  don.t want to share your new domain name with public, why not try  url shortner  to be safe.

2- Set up

So, you want to start a  blog on blogspot Google , whatever your reason like  limited budget, as I was in  2 years ago,
Even today, things changed, I am honest with my self to announce, I just started with this hoster for my new content directory business 

you need to open trough Google account and then go to the setting to setup your domain name and all the blog settings

I found this step by step post to get your blogger reedy it might be  helpful

Moving to  your blog graphic, if you want a pro theme or just a simple template Free or paid, Blogger template compared to first blogging days, template are so developed, today there are graphic for every niche, men or women special graphic for fempreneur, well formated as wordpress with beautiful colors for every category.
First time I used just illustrator and paint to prepare graphic, i still like that for 6 month, but when i browser other blogs, I asked my self where do they get this pro graphic, they might spend thousand on this blog, doing online search i finished by finding, but never use it for long time, last month I opened the account, and wow I thing you might never lost your time like me, they have good and fast services to present your blog as pro first months.

Image SEO

Image SEO sucks. It’s tedious and boring. It’s tempting to skip it. I used to skip it. That was a rookie mistake.
I get a lot of traffic to my sites via image searches and that’s because I take time to write detailed alternative text write-ups as well as optimize file sizes. I also often add image captions.

Have you ever described 50 images? It’s BOOOOOOORING. It’s easily outsourced, but I’ve done my share over the years.
In the long run, image SEO for visual niche sites has served me well. I recommend it.

3- Content:

I remember from many years ago, i started blogging without an background, jut fellow to start a blog trend. when I started learning about Seo, and content marketing, after I stopped blogging in reason in I ignored where to start.
Today I enjoy doing that every day, with some puches with organization, and favorite tools, I can stay productive the most week, today I love using Pinterest, Instagram Google calender.
Writing content evening, after doing keywords research, helped me to improve my blog content I cant ignore how scheduling article on blogger helped me to free my mind focusing on design and social media tasks.
In one of my search I found Jon’s blog, I love what we share the same ideas and content strategy, but i still  the beginner , when he is a real pro, after reading his strategy, I realized how I am in the correct line, but i need more hard work to reach my goals getting 800 visitor per day, in his course show how content Is more important then any key to grow your blog business
I love how he formated the blog content , and now he is learning readers how to set up a blog that generate money daily.

4-How to write pro content?

When I started full time freelancing , i based on my 4 blogs created since 2008/2009, but i discovered the shocked truth, just one of them had good traffic cause some short articles about affiliate and making money opportunities, others, are the worst online, If i found worst bad then my blogs, this will be magical
I reorganized existing post, formated them into guide and long articles, using content analysis tool " trend console"
headling generator and title analysis free tool, this boost my writing confidence helped me to be productive, when I understand what my reader want and how can i help them.
then i got some writer free tools as I share some here, I started with routine where Google calender was perfect for me, for writing i got Open live writer tool and Thingamabob are good to write from desktop when focusing on other tasks, here my full day routine, I love put all together behind me so i got open office free pack, they have text Maker its like word office, I love how simple is, I got power point too and "presentations" on freeoffice, I got Ginger for spell check, i don't know about you, but iam not for online platform to do tasks and writing, except online hangout spell and style checker for writer .
but this not all
your content should line in some rules, like insert keywords related your blog name and specialty, you understand what i mean yah, this about
Seo for content
after any tests and research using keyword generator tools, to improve content, i use multi tool for the same content paid and free, but recently i headed about long tail keywords, what changed all my seo believe, but basically i used this strategy in my old site where i did a lot of mistakes and learned to manage a weblog this was in 2006,.

Back to our subject,
How i practiced long tail keywords in 2006?
it was simple, to insert a link into the content I selected all the sentence" major keywords with two word before and one or two after, I did that without any knowledge are preparation it was because I hate using one word in the link"
things changed from last business age, today I know how to use smart tool to improve seo for content, and what helped my post strength,
every word should I focus well before putting it into the post, this what give results and attract the right people to my blog, using
free seo tool
In summery,

So what I learned

1-Be smart with your headlines
2-Do search and analysis before any post
3-be true with your self, never tell false stories about wealth just to be genus4-Use tools to improve writing and publishing

5-Content strategy

Ok, here Why I started formating my old content:

Last year  I read about updating old content, I thought it a waste of time. I was maniacal about publishing as much new content as possible. I definitely missed the forest from the trees.
The more I read about, discussed it with colleagues and thought about it, the more the practice made sense to me. Now I put almost as much time and resources into updating old content as I do publishing new content.
Here’s  I published about what sold me on the benefit of updating/improving old content, particularly content that is getting some search traffic. If a piece of content is getting some search traffic, it’s aged, has a few links maybe and has some authority. It’s theoretically faster to leverage that URL up to rank for more keywords than ranking for keywords in a brand new article.
Once that concept sank in, I was off to the races updating and improving older content. Moreover, usually, it’s less work and cost to update than to publish something entirely new.
If I wrote and formatted everything, I’d be lucky to get one to two published today.
as newbie I understand when starting out you don’t have the budget. 
It’s take me 6 month writing routine, doing all above every day, publishing ten large  posts, after that I started thinking  about monetizing the blog.

6- what type of articles would you publish?

Running a blog profitably can be a challenge if you do not know the kind of articles that your readers find interesting. Whatever our blog niche is, there always same interests wherever with different words.The secret to keeping the traffic flowing to your website is in knowing the types of articles that people love to read and share.

1-Celebrity grapevine

People love to share articles about celebrities. For instance, an article about Kanye West buying an expensive car will be circulated more than an article about the same car being bought by an ordinary person who is barely known.

News update about tragic event
People love to share updates on tragic events such as terrorists’ attacks at a shopping mall or airport and the casualties involved.

Inspirational stories

Readers, especially ladies, tend to share stories that they find inspiring. This is because they hope their friends will get the same level of inspiration they got from the same article.

Articles about world leaders

An article about a renowned world leader will be shared more especially if the article illustrates how the leader overcame tough life situations to get to where he/she is today.

A call for help articles

An article about a person who is in need for help will be shared among many people. Such articles provide information about a person in dire need for help e.g. kidney donation or soliciting for financial support.

Updates from a comedian

Comedians are known to present information on a lighter note making people laugh at their jokes. Generally, people are known to share articles that are funny and bring laughter.

Unique facts

People will share articles about unique facts. Such articles majorly focus on important dates in history. For example, an article about countries that have hosted the World Olympic games will be shared widely.

Scientific findings

Articles on scientific findings normally provide information which is fascinating. For instance, a scientific finding on how to reduce body fat and cut weight will be shared more.

Information about a new product in the market

People will share an article about a new product launched in the market especially if the product is targeting a specific market segment.

Professional analysis about a policy

An article that professionally analyzes certain policy positions around the world will be shared widely. A good example is an article about the impact of currency devaluation on China’s economy. Policy officers and Economics students will most likely share among themselves.
Lucrative List Building Secret - How to use Mailchimp To Instantly Increase Your Subscribers.

7- Start an Elist (Email List)

Many blogger donةt set up email list, to simply they ignore what to do with it.
any way, itةs smart to start a list,
Alexis Grant,  funder of writer life declared on  one of her posts, “If I could go back and do one thing differently for my business, it would be starting a newsletter earlier,” 
Because  itةs first step to viral marketing,Email list  keep connection  between  you and your readers and  get control on your content..
 Large bloggers around the globe, are using Mailchimp, itةs easy, free and have many features, paid plan start if our list exceed 2000 members.

8-  Write twice per day

First time it was the hardest task, i published one small article weekly, after taking writing courses online, I started posting daily.
to stay focused I got free editing tools and blog  calender using Google Calender
Remember, if you are blogging for traffic, you should  post large content,like guide,and tutorials, and early write with seo, put keywords  searched into our post and headlines.

9- Share your blog and promote

Next step is to submit your blog posts to social media networks, like pinterest and twitter,write ,keep in mind not every social media will  work well for our blog,as I show in my ebook " Plan to build a list with social media networks"

In my experience, installing  chat room will boost your blog traffic,and creating our social media tribe,  whether on facebook or an other platform.

10- Create your portfolio:

When your blog will reach high traffic, probably,you will get advertising proposed by other blogger and freelancer, or just you went expand your business, so create your portfolio , put in all  post type, reviews and design too.
 Even, your  blog traffic should reach 10000 views monthly,except Google  Adsense that accept new blogs. or you could  craft other earning ways, or  write for others.
I will help you grow your blog profits gtsee the video

It free

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