Sunday, January 27, 2019

4 Platforms To Sell digital Courses business in 2019

This what grow freelancer  real incomes, selling 
e courses will increase money flow.
Here’s list of online course platforms in no particular order – there are more but these three are my favorite of all. I have personally tried and tested all and each have really great features for online course sellers. All pricing below is for annual payment but monthly options are available for all.

I recently wrote an article where I list most popular online freelancer real job marketplaces and platforms.

Read it here.


Teachable is currently hosting over 20K courses for over 10K instructors, who have together earned over 50M over time. They have user-friendly interface that is easy and quick to use. They also offer Teachable School which means your student can sign up for multiple Teachable Instructor schools with just one login in. Saving yet another login details from students can help your sales – I mean who does want to remember yet another password?


Thinkific is a Canadian online course platform that has been around for years. They offer stable on-line direction hostingand awesome customer service. Their slogan is “the net direction platform you may trust along with your enterprise”.

Their purchaser listing consists of Hootsuite, Lewis Howes and plenty of extra.


Podia is the brand new comer in the on line course platform marketplace. Do no longer permit this fame fool you though, they offer a solid platform to promote on-line coursesyou could sell publications and every other kind of virtual product, e-book for instancein case you want easy path host for couple of courses/virtual merchandise I exceedingly propose Podia. Their storefront works so nicely for few products and presents without a doubt well.

Their assist is responsive and they honestly care about their clientsin addition they frequently characteristic their patron’s courses on their social media platforms!

Their slogan is: “sell on line courses and virtual merchandise from your very own stunning storefront in seconds.”


 Payhip  An other  sell platform, where you can host your ecourse  or set as mebership  their price from $ 0 to $99.

I love working with as I hosted most of my ebooks and guide, Although this is full digital selling  store and marketing provider for your download products like software and all types of digital files.

Also, they offer good sale optimezed solution, I find it good enought as they offer mailing list for marchant account

They have some big names in their books like Pat Flynn, Shopify and the New York Times.


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Can freelancer really Makes $ 500 per month online?

Some people around the world, have experienced the touching pennies from an online job, others just they don’t have the right, in case their countries are an underdeveloped area or no  USA country.

Is it enough to have a blog or an online store, or you will sell your advice and lessons online

Or you will just write and profit from advertising from Google

All of the above will require an American bank account and possibly an address and phone number so you can receive your money safely
In short, it is difficult to make income online if your blog is not in English. Most online recruitment sites will reject your registration as soon as your location is determined, as are the sites that require US residence or an Idian citizen like ameyyatechnologies.
There are some opportunities for non-Americans, such as contests sites and platforms for periodic offers that are arranged according to supply and demand , some of theme are not working like hiresine.

Otherside, smart writter freelancer offer good incomes opportunities online like 5 Ways to Make Enough Side Money to Eventually Quit Your Job by Brandon Turner on,  a long side job list published by ,  an other tips article about how to make money without a job on forbes
  Want you to hire the truth, not what you want to hire,
So take this one
To touch a penny; you mast to work smart in a full mastery system
 You will be the blogger, desinger, marketer, call agent, book keeper, social media provider, webmaster, the shipper and more.

Working smart  for me, is using full auto system at low price; what’ t this mean:

1 Using CRM platform to manage all in one services from email to social media
2 Shedule social media and blog posts for tha hull trimester.
3 choose full features store platforme with marketing strategy and chart report
4 pack all in one analytic and website optimezation tools like Google webmaster tools.

Job market

Part Time Jobs Simplified Online
Data entry jobs seekers and providers have been brought up together onto a Unique platform called earn part-time jobs. Our clients provide us with part-time jobs as online data entry jobs, form filling jobs, data processing, and much more. Our members have proved their ability by banking regular handsome income in lieu of? Read More...
their efforts.

Freelance myway;  start freelancer quiz and start making money by browsing jobs
G2crowd: Freelancer sourcing platform, find hundred freelance opportunities  with one click.

Create digital product

 If you  are qualified freelancer , find your way to create a digital product, in that time you can , your business Bell’s Knocks.
Just choose what type of product would you start, you have books, guide courses, webinars, podcasting and maybe a business tool or soft, you are free .

recenlty i published a piece about best platforms to sell your digital product,

Sell services

 like social media manager a webmaster tasks,from your blog, just place offers and prices, or maybe you will need landing page ( you can find cheap one at first)

 Sell design
Web desing, was classed  as best and high paying freelancer job in 2018, so you can focus to make good fortune, if you can market your self well.

This what can aply the big wave, every one is sharing vedio why not start one,  there many resourses online to learn how to make money from your chanal like youtube.

Smart phone ads
 Selling ads space for smart phone app, can make you a lot,  every one is using smart phone to connect,  so it's more profitable to insert ads for mobile in  your blog.

As freelancer blogger since two years, I should create many incomes windows, offer services, coaching, doing online tasks, find client for future job,  beside creating your own  product  like ebook and courses other freelancers  prefer to schedule webinares every period and sell sets to get money flow,  so find what you are good in to monetize your daily freelance