Monday, November 12, 2018

10 ways to start writer freelance business online in 2019

I am so busy those days, i  tray to focus on  one subject for my new blog, my head still signeted out,  working all the week with ,my kids alone for some days as my husband is occupied preparing our new future life for the next month; i find my self cut down my writer routine, I know that it never work as expected.
I know too that  I not the only one  taking job break even as freelancer writer; but i have  a lot to do preparing my two e books for Kindle book on AMAZON, editing my new guide, have an audio book and some webinars tasks to be finished, unless doing some design job for the cover and what even more just find your best time to finish all at time i will  die.
Beside to all day-to-day tasks as a home school mother writer and blogger, i think we should all be creative in creating our job opportunities, we can’t pitch to every editor; put resume as editor to every career marketplace then set down, waiting the magic email to be accepted even where, okay client are important but what if???

So in this article I try to share some ideas to create passive incomes on waiting our dreams comes true.

1 Be a self publisher: yes just turn your writing efforts into e books and sell them on AMAZON, write about your business niche ideas your time management experience share your freelancer story just write, after some time you will get writing diary, so you will be famous handling your e books on multi devices.

2 create your audio products: turn your blogs into audio books, create some advices and sell theme online .

3 Be online and webinars speaker: this work really good, sell sets every week you can still selling same topics for one year or more.

4 Create online courses: every one is creating courses, so be sure that your tutorial will cover real needs for your student in this way you will got more audience.

5 Create and sell imprint tool: every freelancer and online leader need digital pdf management sheet and net book to manage day to day tasks so why not prepare theme and sell it on Etsy.

6 what if you want to sell How to guide and resources files that can be helpful for busy and new freelancers.

7 Sell database as Membership or in digital format .

8 create and sell baby learning stuff: this mean to create ship learning kit for babies and kids under 3 year old.

9 sell crafs and activities patterns in PDF format

10 create and sell recipes for kids to busy moms or old persons with health problems.

This self effort bring some used ideas, even still working for long time forwards as writer and freelancer I know that money Need to be satisfied; so keep writing on creating some thing worth , in this way you will get real products at end to be sold out as you gain more authority.

I hope this will work for you have other ideas i am glad to know bout it.