Saturday, August 11, 2018


Did you even read about how much can your reader cost? 
Basically,  business owner and blogger say that " audience is cash",but  earning visitors to your blog, it’s  a hard work, a real full time job, managing man skills, from writing to doing self marketing, is  like managing an  online Agency.
Even , any thing start small and grow slowly, and so will your blog .

For this reason I chosen best tips, to grow slowly here:

First step you can start by building  strong network  circle this what will  make your blog business profitable, as blogger  and freelancer every one  comes multi task builder for the first three month, I know how this is very important and I'm sure  you are working on one or more blog ranking keys, like seo , backlinks, directories submit, even  you are not the only one.

Other thing  social media evaluation become so large, so you can  focusing to switch most  used platforms together like facebook+instag+twitter sharing content all in once will grow your business fast.

I recently started using some social platforms and sharing tools, day after day I saw good progress,  my blog traffic go up since
 as we focus on free and cheapest online tools

read about my MY best ranking free tool

FIRST: I USED PER coincidence "THE SHARE"  plug in,  this what's helped me blogging in freedom, because i realised two days after, that my blog traffic  boost fast. the plug in working with large networking and social media  platformes as like as buffer, I know there are maney more functional scripts like "AddtoAny", " SocialNewPages"

2-Dig " DIG THIS" look more as social media platform, but it work like back link directory, and digital press platform, I used frequently  to see traffic grow submit link is good  optional tool  every blog finished would be send.

3-facebook :  offer lot of tool and web code to  manage traffic and fun in the same way , my new option today is facebook group ,  tribe and event sharing  in this way you can build long connection with your fellowers.

4-Buffer:  the platforme  add more sharing  tools and options, you can schedule your post sharing  in the same time sharing your daily tweets by choosing go buffer Under twitter text box

5-linkedin:  I suggest this for business page, this work more as brand that gives you "big pro image" This does not have to work  without an active profile, you can also go pro  ans product some tutor materials.
Feedly: this work good when you build strong content and an online blog authority, you need also to work on your profile and share others content

6-Pagemodo:  is all about social media visual content, you can design and share your post directly, so this

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