Friday, July 27, 2018

My top free freelancer tools I use daily


 You did't build freelancer business kit, what are you waiting for?

starting your freelancer business ,  rely on tools and  softwares,  to go fast with your business  you would possibly choose
 writing tool, productivity, time management, tasks, accounting , invoices, promoting, social media and email track , the list can go more large

Okay this go so expensive, for many freelancers over  the world , can't get financial aid as fast as USA business owner.

Business on budget challenge, stress every startup entrepreneur, but We can get solution every where, So any new business owner or  just solo freelancer, can get free basic plan .

So  you will need just one or two premium, today  I would like propose some free basic tool every freelancer need.

For writing task I do use:

1-Scribefire  a great chrome script for my blog and writing notes, just like evernot without install have free spell  check, words count and all editing tools .

2-Britex24 online simple stream they have paid plan , you 
can wait until you get some customers

3-Ginger  translator  all i one tree tool with dictionary for other language like  china.

Finance and task managment

4-Wave as pro freelancer avoid paypal invoice with this tool I can accept credit card and bank account without paying  lot.

To stay productive I use Trello help me Mark personal tasks from work

ok what about other taskAs I need doc sharing and portfolio update is the best for every freelancer, for self design I'm for illustrator but some tie I use Canva

For My best freelancer resources some greate blog i visit  courently

 like Writersincharge

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