Sunday, July 22, 2018

How much did you made from travelista club?

Almost famous then expected travelista gone fast  they offer $ 40 per article without experience for freelancer writer. In this way You will get $200 weekly without hard working.

How much are freelance are paid ?

I will share in this post the truth about my experience with as I opened account with them last  week as freelancer writter.

Before you open an account with them you will see this words ( we need freelancer  from worldwide)

but after login you will see this one

Setup Your Freelance Blog

Your blog will act like an online resume for you to demonstrate your understanding of the Wordpress CMS, show examples of your writing to clients & publishers, and earn commission from sales directly.
Once you have completed this setup you can begin writing work

Who Owns My Blog?

You have full control over your blog content, but try to keep it professional looking and remember that the goal is not just to engage people but ultimately to make money. Generally you should write from a personal perspective and focus on topics you understand. If you are doing commissioned articles for a client – do not promote anything within the article that competes with the publisher or their advertisers.
Your blog and all content is 100% owned by you.
this one is the best

What If I Already Have An Established Blog?

While we prefer writers to follow training - we will review existing websites that match the following requirements.

- You must own the domain name.
- The content / articles must be written by you.
- Must have at least 5000 words of content.
- No free websites (, wix, blogger, weebly etc)
- Must be using Wordpress CMS (not
- You must have a branded email address / contact information.
- You must have at least one Social Media with decent metrics.

* These are only guidelines for submission, you are not guaranteed approval based on these criteria.
what i'm going to share with you  is  this; travelista is  a hosting affiliate program that will guide you about how to create your travel blog and promote it to get affiliate offer on back. ( online training)

You will never got paid for just writing articles even more you will work hard to sell your work online as freelancer and they will got the  commission from their hosting provider it,s all
So you are free now to start your travel blog with them or just go alone 

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