Monday, July 30, 2018

15 top tips I learnt from my freelancer experience

When you take decision  starting freelancer job , even from your  home office,  your car or just like nomad, or mom home keeper  like me, this because you seek freedom and flexibility, money comes later when you win experience, this need time and patience.

Even more this need serval months hard work, self social media evaluation, many tasks need to be finished Evey day a routine set up never richen at all, you will work for late time run lot of searchs, or start first hour on your day.

I  waited long time before  publishing  this article,  as I  thought  freelancer job is a  flexible  and smart choice, so every one has his/her resources, vision and different way to finish jobs, so we need smart tips to achieve trend . I remember  my first time freelancing I got help from other freelancers   shared experiences and resources, in my tour I’m sharing here some keys that I hope work for you:

1-Network profile: try  to create Chat group  with people who are successfully freelancing, pick their brains and jump up the learning curve, learning from their mistakes and successes. I suggest fellowing big freelancer profile on social media that will be like pro. never lost networking opportunity, I’am following writer and freelancer every where like Amazon store they put following button for  every author.

2-Focus on building clear and impactful resume or portfolio and have some business cards printed which present your vision with quality and don’t say ‘cheap’

3-CREATE a good support system with other  freelancers over world ,who you can meet up with socially , so  you can’t work alone or isolated. Next step  you should is start networking with and through them. This is especially important if you are freelancing from home rather than in the office.

4-Participate on industry events webinars, so that you can see and be seen by key contacts
5-keep eye on trade press and  new business wins and moves so that you can take a targeted approach to potential projects in my case i use email inbox  to keep in touch; so i receive every day all proposed projects, flagging up your relevant sector experience and specialist skills
6-Build pro invoice system. Send them out promptly and keep chasing to keep your cash flow healthy.
7-Set up a savings account so that you build up a buffer for the quiet times.

8-Accept small and local projects, don't worry about  not getting enough job, enjoy your time, and invest in your self.      
9-search about next task before finishing  your current project .
10-Keep your CV or portfolio up to date and create case studies that you can mail or email to current and new contacts
11-Take course and training every time so job  keys  changing fast.
12-Focus on quality and at time Delivery to be professional, smart and do a good job. 
13-Time is your money, so from first time build a routine to be productive
14-Be always prepared like full time employed,  you have all your time. by creating business proposal,  writing short story if you are writer and put tit into your gallery, or finish wheb template to be tested, be prepared.
15-Collect business contacts along the way and add to your database
16-choose a good business tool and auto app  many soft are cheap but give good solutions

What's your next step  as  freelancer ? For me I just started my small business ecourses

I appreciate
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Friday, July 27, 2018

My top free freelancer tools I use daily


 You did't build freelancer business kit, what are you waiting for?

starting your freelancer business ,  rely on tools and  softwares,  to go fast with your business  you would possibly choose
 writing tool, productivity, time management, tasks, accounting , invoices, promoting, social media and email track , the list can go more large

Okay this go so expensive, for many freelancers over  the world , can't get financial aid as fast as USA business owner.

Business on budget challenge, stress every startup entrepreneur, but We can get solution every where, So any new business owner or  just solo freelancer, can get free basic plan .

So  you will need just one or two premium, today  I would like propose some free basic tool every freelancer need.

For writing task I do use:

1-Scribefire  a great chrome script for my blog and writing notes, just like evernot without install have free spell  check, words count and all editing tools .

2-Britex24 online simple stream they have paid plan , you 
can wait until you get some customers

3-Ginger  translator  all i one tree tool with dictionary for other language like  china.

Finance and task managment

4-Wave as pro freelancer avoid paypal invoice with this tool I can accept credit card and bank account without paying  lot.

To stay productive I use Trello help me Mark personal tasks from work

ok what about other taskAs I need doc sharing and portfolio update is the best for every freelancer, for self design I'm for illustrator but some tie I use Canva

For My best freelancer resources some greate blog i visit  courently

 like Writersincharge

Sunday, July 22, 2018

How much did you made from travelista club?

Almost famous then expected travelista gone fast  they offer $ 40 per article without experience for freelancer writer. In this way You will get $200 weekly without hard working.

How much are freelance are paid ?

I will share in this post the truth about my experience with as I opened account with them last  week as freelancer writter.

Before you open an account with them you will see this words ( we need freelancer  from worldwide)

but after login you will see this one

Setup Your Freelance Blog

Your blog will act like an online resume for you to demonstrate your understanding of the Wordpress CMS, show examples of your writing to clients & publishers, and earn commission from sales directly.
Once you have completed this setup you can begin writing work

Who Owns My Blog?

You have full control over your blog content, but try to keep it professional looking and remember that the goal is not just to engage people but ultimately to make money. Generally you should write from a personal perspective and focus on topics you understand. If you are doing commissioned articles for a client – do not promote anything within the article that competes with the publisher or their advertisers.
Your blog and all content is 100% owned by you.
this one is the best

What If I Already Have An Established Blog?

While we prefer writers to follow training - we will review existing websites that match the following requirements.

- You must own the domain name.
- The content / articles must be written by you.
- Must have at least 5000 words of content.
- No free websites (, wix, blogger, weebly etc)
- Must be using Wordpress CMS (not
- You must have a branded email address / contact information.
- You must have at least one Social Media with decent metrics.

* These are only guidelines for submission, you are not guaranteed approval based on these criteria.
what i'm going to share with you  is  this; travelista is  a hosting affiliate program that will guide you about how to create your travel blog and promote it to get affiliate offer on back. ( online training)

You will never got paid for just writing articles even more you will work hard to sell your work online as freelancer and they will got the  commission from their hosting provider it,s all
So you are free now to start your travel blog with them or just go alone 

10 vegetable recipes From north Africa for better health

See The post is moved this link

Saturday, July 7, 2018

How to start BITCOIN Miner as home based business

Isarted working  with the world of Bitcoins and other Crypto-Currencies, I got some  free coins from Faucets, this experiance makes me  familiar with this new option,
Okay my best one in this articles that starting a bitcoin faucet it's free and open for every one,

But how to get it?

I collected some web that will help you in your next  bitcoinn business

I zill add every time new trusted link to this post please keep in touch

Friday, July 6, 2018

25 free tools you need to start food trucker home based business,

I know a lot of  people ignore any thing about starting second  home business from simple ideas, working the after office hours, the evening or in the weekend it's what can support many start up home  business entreproneur to secure a living incomes and cover your own expenses.

So the ideas it's to start a food tracker business
 :My most favorite tools for building and growing a business that I used and love. Check back often for updates!
Please note: some of the links on this page may earn affiliate income for You can read our full disclosure here.

Custom Food Trucks

On they offer a lot of options for where to get a custom food truck, but as like if you are thinking about Prestige Food Trucks because of their proven track record and up to date knowledge of the industry. a best advice and  care of you to get your dream truck or trailer built for your needs.

What Tools  do you need to Build Your Audience?

To build your audience of super-fans and catering clientele, you’ll want to build up the following resources:
  • A strong website
  • An active email list
  • Active social media accounts
Try our advices  about what content is appropriate for each resource; here are the tools you’ll need to establish these resources.


A strong website is key for helping you to grow your food truck business, especially the catering side.

Website Hosting

When you own your own domain (like, you need a site host to store the files.
  • Bluehost website hosting: Bluehost is affordable and has fantastic customer service

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the #1 website publishing platform. There are lots of free and paid templates available, and you have endless freedom to tweak your website recipe.
  • WordPress: Downloads for the WordPress installation, templates, and help
  • Thesis: Drag-and-drop WordPress themes
  • WooThemes: Stylish premium (and a few free) templates

WordPress Alternatives

Here are some other DIY website provider solutions, if WordPress isn’t right for you.
  • SquareSpace: Mobile-optimized websites and hosting in one

Web Developers

Don’t get overwhelmed by the process of building a website! Help is available, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • Elance: An online marketplace to connect you with web developers and administrative professionals
  • oDesk: Similar to Elance, another outsource marketplace for web developers and administrative professionals
  • Virtual Staff Finder: Our friend Chris Ducker can help you find a web developer or virtual assistant within your budget

Email Mailing List Tools

Email lists are a great tool for letting your favorite customers know about exciting new developments in your business.


  • AWeber: The broadcast email service provider that we use at FoodTruckr
  • MailChimp: Another favorite broadcast email service provider
  • OptinSkin: This tool helps you easily embed email opt-in forms onto your website.

Social Media Tools

For more about using these social media tools, subscribe to our mailing list and receive a copy of 6 Free Social Tools to Get People Talking About Your Food Truck.

Scheduling Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Posts

Scheduling posts in advance is a great way to keep your social media account active throughout the day, without needing to interrupt your food service.

Other Social Tools

These tools help you tailor your social content to better serve your audience. (Download the guide for more information.)

Tools to Help Run Your Business

Staying on top of a small business is hard—especially when you are away from your office all day. These are a few of our favorite tools for staying organized.

Document Management

Keep your inventory lists, schedules, and catering checklists hosted in the cloud—that way you can access them from the road.

File Syncing Tools

  • Dropbox: Sync files between all your computers, your mobile devices, and share with colleagues
  • Box: A Dropbox alternative

Online Documents

  • Google Drive: Create and store documents, including spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations completely online
  • Drive Template Gallery: Free templates, including balance sheets, time cards, and inventory lists

Mobile Payment Services

More and more patrons are moving away from cash. Here are solutions for accepting credit payments.

On the Go

In addition to these solutions, check with your individual commercial banker to see if your bank offers any solutions.