Monday, May 28, 2018

What would you type into a search engine to find your business website or blog?

If you  manage a blog you might ask your self about  fast ways to make your web appear on Google fist page every time ,after 10 years working online I see things been so fast, that some bloggers need to be indexed in 24 hours  others on 1 hour. In this collection you will find the best online place to  grow your blog traffic via SEO tips, that every one is searching about traffic solutions above 38 million searches done per day around the world, so let us see the best solutions about it.

AT first we need to know if old Seo tricks are working any more; did you try recent updates on those areas?

1-Meta tags modification
2-Keywords insertion: this is about your perfect niche, your master words and your goals
3-links and visual media name must got same keywords as content.
4-backlinks building,  we can take it as most place and relationship builded online  over time.
5-Social media posts should contain same keywords as your weblog

 Resourses and tips to build strong Seo:

1. Hobo is Uk web  SEo solution services they  offer paid seo audit for readers but also  free blog tips  and search engine submit list
2. is a hosting  company focus on seo services, they offer tips about  modify your old blog indexing infos  by Google
3. Crister media offer best tips about submit blog to serach engine they offer free seo audit to readers so hope you top ranking.
4.Wiki how offer 04 four methods to  get you blog on Google first page , it's basic infos but still working if you practice it correctly.

5. Nail patel blogging about How to show up on first page Google

 Nail focused on Keywords and domain authority, you can get it free here

My advice as blogger you need to update your seo tool every 03 months try new methods check your meta  and keywords working  and get your analytic report then you can start thinking about paid ads and PPc services

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