Tuesday, April 3, 2018

20 free place to start your marketing videos business

If you own a good digital camera and you have some podcasting skills, that can help you to product special videos. May be you think to make money with .

It became easy online to set up your podcasting e-business, because there are many web site who are paying people for their video and images. So where can you find it?

Well, I share with you best video site that can pay you for your podcasting products:

How to promote your videos
The sky’s the limit here. If you want folks to notice your work, get it out there. Here are some ideas to get started:
Submit videos to social bookmarking and news sites likeDigg, Newsvine, del.icio.us and Thoof.
Send a daily email to your friends (and fans!) with links to your newest and favorite videos.
Set up your own .tv site.
Post a widget with your favorite videos in the sidebar of your blog.
Submit your videos to the iTunes podcast directory. How do I get my show listed in the iTunes directory?

Embed videos as comments on social networking pages.

Where can I share Revver videos?

You can share Revver videos wherever you like. They can be emailed, downloaded, embedded into your blog or your social networking profile. Here is a list of a few Revver-friendly sites where you can earn money for sharing:

I'm sure there aren lot of new networks to share you Revver videos but i home this small articles will be helpfull.