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54 of the Best Ways to Promote your Blog and your Business


This article idea inspired from other blog or email newsletter, that I received  past time, I can't remember ,however  the idea appeals to me.
 In our new digital age, every day new tool or script is lunched, on other hand many old tool still working and got updated
Today, I tried to highlight  tools about e-marketing and web marketing directories, search engines and backlinks building web without any eless.

Certainly, You as blogger and online marketer looking for effective solutions and tips to set up email list empire , likewise me ,  to sell my product, or promote affiliate programe, you should earn some auhority from web directories, so start first by promoting your own business blog or list, in this way you will gain experience for your future freelancer projects.

Okay, I listed free and cheap ideas for every one budget, I saw that  mix method seo blog option, one way advertsing and  and off-line promotion ,In the meantime, here My best ways that  promote your blog without costs all you need  some minute every day then result good  high page rank:

  1.  First the tradition way Submit your website to the most net directories – you,ll realize a decent list at Directory Maximiser Find my updated directtories list that work effectively
  2.  Make sure that the full of your site is indexed on the most Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN/Live .
  3. Get a Google Sitemap on your site to assist to induce it totally indexed
  4. .Participate in on-line business networking sites like coupled In, eCademy and SoFlow.
  5. Make it straightforward for your readers to marker your site on the social bookmarking sites like Digg, Del.icio.us, Furl etc,  Reddit.
  6. Ensure that you mechanically ping the most blog Search Engines and Directories suach GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING, as Technorati and IceRocket to induce instantly indexed – smart list of pinging addresses
  7. Join variety of relevant on-line communities or discussion teams for your market space
  8. Prepare your  associate degree ezine (e-newsletter) aboard your web blog and build the 2 work along.
  9. Make sure that you simply link bent on different platformes in your blog posts and, for special suggested blogs, in your BlogRoll
  10. Join MyBlogLog to be ready to build contact with alternative MyBlogLog users and develop relationships
  11. Set up a social network a part of your blog with Ning.
  12. Write your own e-book (perhaps exploitation content from your blog) and provides away free chapters to encourage guests or subscribers.
  13. Start your own acculturation or microorganism networking plan (such as 2000 Bloggers)
  14. Attend native networking teams like BNI, BRE etc – tell them concerning what you are doing and reference your site
  15. Set up and develop a profile on on-line social networking sites like MySpace, Bebo etc.
  16. Create a free account on BT Tradespace
  17. Interview other blogger for your own regular podcast – maybe you may build it like your own on-line radio show
  18. Contact alternative relevant ezines and provide to write down articles for them
  19. Submit your articles to article directories (Ezine Articles, Article Alley etc.)and link to your blog within the signature
  20. Submit your own blog to ezine directories like Ezine Directory or Best Ezines
  21. Include podcasts as a part of your blog to distribute interviews, informational items etc.
  22. Convert a number of your existing articles into podcasts
  23. Create a lens system at Squidoo
  24. Distribute and syndicate your articles and podcasts via your RSS feed
  25. Offer free white papers or specialist documents that square measure branded along with your site and RSS details
  26. Set up teleconferences or teleseminars specializing in your main content areas
  27. Write a review of books on Amazon.com linking back to your site
  28. Distribute press releases via on-line news services like PR net or box
  29. Add a poll or survey to your site and post/distribute the results – attempt SurveyGizmo if you're a Wordpress user
  30. Read alternative blogs and leave your own comments on them
  31. Use trackbacks after you reference alternative bloggers posts
  32. Create podcasts of your best posts and syndicate them, likewise as submitting them to iTunes and alternative podcast directories
  33. Sign up to Feedburner and embody the Headline Animator in your email signature and also the one you utilize after you post to forums
  34. Make sure you embody your site address on your business cards and company writing paper
  35. Customise and improve your RSS Feed victimization Feedburner – embody special offers, sign on opportunities and confirm the feed delivers the total post
  36. Increase RSS feed sign ups by providing a proof up bonus to subscribers – how? simply ask!
  37. Offer readers the possibility to sign on via email (Feedburner and Feedblitz supply the service
  38. Put files and follow ups to displays, conferences and seminars on your site for attendees to scan and transfer
  39. Offer to become a Guest siteger on alternative blogs and invite Guest bloggers to write down on your own blog
  40. Make sure to submit articles to and participate in site Carnivals (more on site Carnivals here)
  41. Optimise your site wherever doable and notably the classes, Title Tags and Meta Tags
  42. Participate frequently in conversations on alternative blogs
  43. Post answers on LinkedIn Answers and Yahoo Answers
  44. Try LinkBaiting victimization arguable subjects or opinions watch out though!
  45. Contact the most bloggers in your market space and introduce yourself or send details of a selected post that mayinterest them
  46. and specially, Write nice content that individuals can wish to scanadvocate and link to!
  47. Use NicheBot Classic:(free online tool)Online keyword research tool helps you target the correct keywords

  48. Try Sendlan: you may like it
  49.  At least start Give tutorials relevant to individuals in your niche industry through webinars, virtual universities,  or just blog tips.
    My advicet try business chat room like many business owner on twitter  and participate on social media group like facebook group
    also try  community networking and forums make a reply  on best article and blog in this way you will start making  some backlink for free.

    What,s your next step ? see My New Guide to boost your effort and profits

Freelancer mom
Freelancer mom

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