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10 Things About how Still Google Adsense Working On 2018 ?.

I always loved to publish  post  about Best tips to boost your Adsense earning,  or what realyy work  on earnig with  Adsense, how much you need , or how hard you should work to monetize your blog using adsense, but  even did you ask your self How many blogger are paying bills from AdSense revenues?
Are you here to learn how to make profits on your blog, I will share my experience, my step by step worksheet and some free tools, are you ready let’s go.

Learning how to make money with Google AdSense is probably the easiest way to make money online.But this oldest option working from home online does it really  makes some cash???

In this  updated article, I will  try show you what it takes to make money with Google AdSense and more importantly, how I got started making money with Google AdSense.

Get ready for some interesting screen shots……

How Much Money Can You Make With Google AdSense?

As many new blogger In 2006 we believe to  will be rich in just one year, but after 12 working years i forgot about AdSense tracking on my blog, I won't to shock you, but AdSense  is a big Empire you must be one of citizens to grow your earning

the reality about Google AdSense is that you are not likely to earn a lot of money right from the beginning.

Seriously ask yourself this question:

Would you like to be paid $4k a month? Or being paid $0 in the first month but getting a pay rise of $100 every month thereafter?

If your answer is the former, Google AdSense may not be for you.

But if your answer is the latter, that’s the kind of money Google AdSense can give you - at the minimum!

What It Takes To Make Money With Google AdSense

I’ll keep my answer short. You need to:

Step 1) Conduct keyword research
Step 2) Churn out good articles based on the right keywords
Step 3) Build SEO friendly websites
Step 4) Build links (to boost your search engine rankings)

1-like me If you are new to Internet marketing, every one of these 4 steps can be a challenge to you. But trust me, each of these 4 steps are simple skills that you can learn and master. Once you’ve mastered these 4 steps, you simply have to repeat the 4 steps again and again, or it's will take you many years to understand how it working, in this days I can do keyword research without tool or script unlike my first blogging years, it were big mistake.

2-After that you should  work on tracking management using google analytics google trends an  to track your audience interest on your blog so that you start working on most viewed article or content

To tell you the truth, I had been making pennies from Google AdSense since 2006. But I started making ’significant’ income from Google AdSense after I made a major decision later.

The major decision was to publish two article per week, doing real research on keyword
  and update my AdSense unite every time  and be active on social media using my new  social media marketing plan.

So about article I use a desktop  dictionary and spelling  soft pro one, since that i started writing  easlly and fast on all my blogs  and find time to do keyword  research as expert.

Before you jump into building your AdSense empire, let me give you a preview of what you can expect.

As I mentioned, my big impacts were the content, so I started  with just one blog but I always worked on many topics like E MARKETING, advertising I LOVE SEO I HAVE SOME affiliate programm to promote this were during my online activities when I find good  affiliate program
I registered as promoter so by time I got  important database of them.
But my AdSense earning  in October 2010 - $2.70 Nothing impressive. (I purposely blur part of the website URL so that you can look at the change in income for each website.)

In December 2012  I made $ 340 from other blog activities but never growth my AdSense earning

So I started creating other blog to share more content but i forgot improving my AdSense; I stoped tracking or updating content for Adsense the result were negative

In February 2017, my total websites increased to 20 and my Other income  without Adsense for that month was $349.19.
It’s worth noting that out of the 20 websites, 2 of them made me more than $100 a month!


Because…… Look at what this website is making me now!
$ 450  incomes from seo services and hosting tasks,  I found that Adsense is just not for me
if I would work online, I cant't  sty all the time tracking and updating I found it very hard.

Can you see how the income grow exponentially?

All the earnings I’ve shown above are from websites built using articles to promote affiliate shopping or just writing content services .

Final Remarks

In my opinion, Adsense can be the easiest way to make money online, if you have time to work with code and script regulary As long as you are willing to work, you will surely make money.

Moreover, in the process of making money from Google Adsense, you will master the skill of generating traffic from the Search Engines. With this skill, you can easily diversify into other ways of making money online, such as affiliate marketing.

Special Bonus For You

Take a look to my social media marketing Plan 

It’s excellent for newbies.

After 12 years of creating AdSense websites, I know about certain niches are more profitable than other niches but you need no less the 3 years on your niche to start making real revenues from AdSense. Interestingly, whenever I create another website in the profitable niche, the website will be another winner after many years you will got your Empire
Never build your Empire in just few days it will be drops down fast too

So making money online  for blogger need a full system from promoting to selling services and skills then using AdSense  as external revenue platform, i love this Mix system don't forget to listen your preferred music while working  it's help me too much

Thinks for reading  I TRY TO  IMPROVING MY BLOGGING SHARE IDEAS , for more articles and ideas  get in touch here