Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New ways to Earn Revenue Blogging

Shearching online I found A greet blogginh network to make money through, So I think
that at YouSayToo you can make revenue with Google AdSense and/or Amazon affiliate or donate revenue to a cause of your choice by blogging.
YouSayToo shares ad impressions in your account 50/50.

To donate revenue you need to:

1. Choose a cause you want to support
2. Add your blog or start blogging at YouSayToo
3. Create unique and quality content

Support your cause by placing a banner on your blog, write about it and invite others to do the same.

If you've chosen to donate then all your additional revenue from referring other users will also be donated to your cause.

To donate revenue you don't need any ad serving applications (like Google AdSense). All you need to do is choose a cause.
Only revenue from Google AdSense can be donated.

To make revenue at YouSayToo you need to:

1. Fill in your Google AdSense and/or Amazon affiliate IDs on the Revenue Settings page
2. Add your existing blogs to YouSayToo and earn more from them
Learn more about Add Your Blog
3. Start blogging at YouSayToo
Learn more about Blogging at YouSayToo
4. Create unique and quality content

Join the referral program and increase your revenue:
Write about Yousaytoo on your blog and/or social network
Place a YouSayToo banner on your blog
Invite your friends to YouSayToo
For every referred user who added a blog or started his own you earn 15% from his Google AdSense ad impressions. You also earn 10% ad impressions from users referred by your referred users.

To use our referral program use your referral code.

When you are logged in every YouSayToo url ends with your referral code (Ex: ). Send urls with your referral code to your friends and when they register and generate content you'll earn additional Google AdSense impressions.

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