Thursday, June 17, 2010

paydotcom promotion

Of course you can sell products in our marketplace and earn commissions from our vendors. But PayDotCom also has its own affiliate program that pays you cash just to promote our site as an affiliate.
Here's how you can also earn cash promoting PayDotCom. now offers new members a one-time special credit offer and software bonus when joining for the first time at a price of $100. We are happy to pay you a percentage of that.
Here's how. If you refer anyone to PayDotCom we will pay you 20% in CASH for any sales made on these special offers. So you can earn $20 when someone joins for free and upgrades to this special offer.
On average, for every 100 people that join for free, you will see that, on average, 5 will upgrade. That means you can earn $100 for every 100 people you refer to us. If you refer 1000 people to PayDotCom every month, you can expect to earn an extra $1000 per month.

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