Friday, June 18, 2010

Outstanding Conversion Ratios!

Just a quick email to make sure you’re aware of how well the Slim Weight Patch is converting. We have seen amazing conversion ratios during the last few months.

Why should you promote the Slim Weight Patch?

•    Top 10 affiliates are converting it an average of 1/7 (Very Hot)
•    Overall an average conversion ratio is 1/18 (Hot)
•    Resource area is loaded with free resources.
•    4 new keyword rich articles uploaded today. Click here for the forum post!

Click here for the LIVE stats!

Why not to join the ones who are making those sales? It is an easy fix; simply get the Slim Weight Patch product review from here. Re-write it and add it onto your weight loss sites.
Do not lose potential customers by not giving them alternative weight loss solution.

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