Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to WIN U$S 100 EXTRA in your Smowtion account!

Two weeks ago Smowtion launched   the Reviewers Program through which we will reward with U$S 100 EXTRA to that Publisher who, by the users registered as their Affiliate in our platform between May 16th and June 15th, generates the most incomes in that period.

You still have time to participate and win!
How does it work? You simply have to write a post about the service offered by Smowtion and publish it in your website, add the link you will find in Smowtion reviews, for your visitors can register in with your account and go!
In short, we give more benefits with this Program:
- Your friends and affiliates will earn 80% of revenue on the ads to display on their website, instead of 60%
- You earn an extra 5% on what they generate during the first three months in Smowtion
- You are participating for your chance to win 100 extra dollars!

To learn more about this Program, you can enter at Smowtion

For any question about the Program you can write to

As always, we continue working to generate greater profits.

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