Monday, June 21, 2010

Here why Making $ 500 Per Month? Will Be A Thing Of The Past

I remember my first days on INTERNET, as many people influenced by the Affiliate  market   trend, We all got an affiliate account on some Management directories I think every one went to be an affiliate manager run online platform, like commission Junction, later Amazon,and many other directories and join ventures sites, even finding The best trading affiliate program on the network, is very hard and stressful, for the simple cause, you can find choose a   good product, as it appear, start promoting creating strategic content, and  after few month the product get die, you will lost your effort, time and maybe money.
 , I found  affiliate networks that sell service i went to share here for general benefits
Large commissions and best resources to established a reputation of helping our affiliates

earn the best possible revenues on their referral 

Today online business revolution ,  learn marketer to create six venture business, starting product
.about the affiliate and sharing tutor videos

 Bank affiliate they offer  marketing for financial products and services  work with organizations to drive
customers for mortgages,commercial lending, retail and deposits and insurance

Afix Group Affiliates is the official affiliate program of the trading platform. Afix Group Affiliates is the first comprehensive affiliate program in the financial field. They offer 

You can earn from traders your brought to the system and from sub-affiliates (MLM)

The Euro Pacific Bank Affiliate Program is a highly effective way to generate additional income. You can use it simply by recommending Euro Pacific Bank to your friends and family, or via your website or commercial enterprise to make referrals.
Promote Your Blog

Even, if you get to work with one network , what  will be your next step

Blogging and writing, create Seo great articles about related finance topics, can sell your link correctly, should be step by step and "how" articles".

 Then using their  email marketing tool,  to achieve goals in short time , is a smart tricks.
 you might set up your email system,  using one free like mailchimp.
Blogger are making over $2000  monthly from showing ads only, in my last" How to start a seo better life?" book I shows how financial niche  keywords are the highest paid on Adsense and others networks.
In her post 35 Bloggers Making $1,000 to $300,000 Per Month author of Millennial boss shows blogs with incomes reports  above $1000 per months, my blog is making Below $1000  just a small amount.
Most of theme are sharing directly theirs revenues charts to improve profits like:

Lostgeny girl she’s making  over  $1,108.31 per month blogging, the design look  great,  and she sell ecourse about how to start a business from blogging

Most blog revenues comes from Ads networks and affiliate sponsors as like as:

1-Infiolink :  it is an old ads networks accept new bloggers  you get fast approve. famous network for Desktop and mobile video ad unit.
3- Pepperjam fast approve and no traffic exigence, you can validate your email and start earning by the next day.

so what skill have those bloggers need us to learn?
Basically , no think;

You could write, 
if you want to sell product, you might start a store, 
When you set up a blog, so you should write about what you know 
Even, making a leaving from writing , you need to do like a pro from here you need some make up skills , 
In Seo, Headline creation and social media management,

1-Seo: Since first day,focusing on  keywords and niche content is your key over Google portal, if you get it, you will be there for the next three months, so you never get out, maybe if , letting your blog down,

  • Do, every thing you know about Seo, from site map , meta, to graphic names and links optimization, 
  • Another element, Labels and categories are seo too, this will give Google infos about your blog contents.
2-Free content tool: a 100% free title generator tool can be useful to improve your bog post headline
like Seopressor
3-Traking: eventually this mean placing Google Analytic Code, they developed the platform, which can switch  adsense and Marchant account together. it’s free and practical.

At the end, I am just a solopreneur,, new blogger  want to  share what I saw, what I tested , since doing business online,  because I need to stay here, no more office job any more this not a pro blog I know, but I am working to improve it, please feel free to put  your comment for any question.

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