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Over $5,000,000 paid in commissions in 2009!

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The global forex market has a daily turnover of $3 trillion - 40 times larger than the NASDAQ's. This means higher earnings for affiliates - beyond what any other web commerce sector can offer.
Ava FX, you can monetize your existing customer base and traffic and enjoy an unlimited earning potential.

We provide a full range of advanced
marketing tools, web content, tracking and reporting technologies as well aspersonal support to meet the full range of our affiliates and client needs, from beginner to seasoned professional.
We offer high paying flexible commission structures to fit your needs!


CPA Program
Industry leading CPA payouts regardless of the deposit amount. This program is mostly suitable for website owners who prefer to be rewarded quickly for their traffic.

Rebate Program
Get compensated for the trading activity of your clients. This is most suitable for Introducing
Brokers that will refer high net worth investors. Get paid per each lot your clients trade.

Customized Deals
Super-Affiliates and Savvy Marketers with proven results can Contact Us Today to talk to one of our dedicated affiliate managers and take part in our Customized Deals tailored to fit YOUR goals!

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AvaPartner and start earning commission for every customer you refer!

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30 free ways to advertise your e business

Are you thinking about advertising your e business using community network? I think That I have one, ebusiness community with blog, profile page and a free advertising tool. so you can add your e business free and earn money when the site you receive leads trought you.

Well, allaffiliateprograms.com is a networking site for merchants, affiliates, online marketing gurus, bloggers and anyone interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing. Over the next 6 months, they have budgeted over USD $100,000 for PPC Search Engine Advertising (google, microsoft, miva, etc) to drive quality traffic to our Affiliate Directory.


create a FREE account and add your affiliate programs now and enjoy FREE but high quality traffic from our site for the next several months. All you need is ONE account to add all your affiliate programs (for merchants who run more than one e-commerce site).

Affiliates / Marketing Gurus

create your own affiliate or marketing profile for FREE today. You will get your own business profile listed at http://my.allaffiliateprograms.com/YourName/, list your objective and network with other gurus and merchants. With your free account, you can review affiliate programs, add your own affiliate program if you have any, list your websites and more coming soon (such as blogging, community forums, interact with merchants and other gurus, etc).

Affiliate Networks

If you represent an Affiliate Network with quality Affiliate Programs, please
contact us to list all your programs on our directory utilizing our web services API.

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how to earn 2700 USD a month

This is not a spam email received! I want to share with you some ways about making money on Click2sell marketplace. However the site offer greet making money solutions, you can login as marchant or as affiliate in same desbord. they have more then 1000 product for affiliate program in their marktplace:

Well, you can start selling and buying ads then marchandise in same time, not only that click2 selloffer interssent referral program, if you need to know more, I have posted it:



Earn 30% of every transaction fee paid to Click2Sell once a sale is made by your referred Click2Sell member – whether a merchant or an affiliate - as long as they stay active!


  • Get 30% from every referred member’s fees paid to Click2Sell. You will be paid as long as your referred members – whether merchants or affiliates - stay active and sell products! Once you have referred new members to Click2Sell – you can relax! Others will work for you!

  • Just a few easy steps – and you can start earning residual money by using Click2Sell Referral Program.

  • Click2Sell offers you a unique tracking system to collect all the information about your referred users, the number of transactions they made and, of course, your earned commissions!

  • Click2Sell Referral Program is a no-risk proposal – it’s free!
Here is a simple example of how much you can earn by referring members to Click2Sell:
Let the average product price be 70 USD; in this case the Click2Sell fee for each sale is 3 USD. For example, the average commission rate is 60% and the average number of sales per month is 30. In this case you can earn.

So, when you refer 100 affiliate members you will made $ 2700

New free advertising websites To Start business Blog.

If you are a new blogger, webmaster, marketer or any other ebusiness job  monitor, and If you are interested in free promotion, free advertising, marketing or networking, then advertising websites , are most demanded,even if they are free or cheap pro.
In this guide I will show you, were newbies,start online advertising , without  spendin a lot.

 1- AdlandPro has been offering free and paid advertising services to small businesses since 1998. they have the most complete and most affordable advertising solutions for small businesses and home entrepreneurs. 
Platform is also,  a Traffic Exchange Program. as they share " Drive traffic to your business by putting it in front of nearly 130,000 Active Users!"
2- Indeed offer freelancer to post free job ads

in my self published e- book, " how to make money with a  list business, i show best way as i experted to do following on tasks at no cost to you:

1. Place your free ads in solo ads classifieds and community pages ($2.50 value)
Place your free ads in  Free Traffic Exchange directories (120,000 users) ($2.50 value)
Free bonus ($200.00 per month value)
4. Obtain
free leads for your business using community system ($5-$10 per lead value)
Earn big money with  affiliate program (up to $10,000/month)
6. Participate in discussions to learn more about marketing and promotions  ($5.00 per month value)

 Even , advertising a blog,  without paying any thing, take your time to search and ask your self where  should i invest my money to get more money, this all about investment.
In plus you generate  leads to work with you, in this way, you will start an affiliate side business , managing your new team , or work as marketer for lead generation companies

whatever your business is, advertising networks are opportunities for writer freelancer and business owner.

some directories are hiring all the time for freelancers and ads writers, where they pay weekly like;
You can pitch them  as freelance copywriter
1- https://essayshark.com

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Here why Making $ 500 Per Month? Will Be A Thing Of The Past

I remember my first days on INTERNET, as many people influenced by the Affiliate  market   trend, We all got an affiliate account on some Management directories I think every one went to be an affiliate manager run online platform, like commission Junction, later Amazon,and many other directories and join ventures sites, even finding The best trading affiliate program on the network, is very hard and stressful, for the simple cause, you can find choose a   good product, as it appear, start promoting creating strategic content, and  after few month the product get die, you will lost your effort, time and maybe money.
 , I found  affiliate networks that sell service i went to share here for general benefits
Large commissions and best resources to established a reputation of helping our affiliates

earn the best possible revenues on their referral 

Today online business revolution ,  learn marketer to create six venture business, starting product
.about the affiliate and sharing tutor videos

 Bank affiliate they offer  marketing for financial products and services  work with organizations to drive
customers for mortgages,commercial lending, retail and deposits and insurance

Afix Group Affiliates is the official affiliate program of the Theoptionsbank.com trading platform. Afix Group Affiliates is the first comprehensive affiliate program in the financial field. They offer 

You can earn from traders your brought to the system and from sub-affiliates (MLM)

The Euro Pacific Bank Affiliate Program is a highly effective way to generate additional income. You can use it simply by recommending Euro Pacific Bank to your friends and family, or via your website or commercial enterprise to make referrals.
Promote Your Blog

Even, if you get to work with one network , what  will be your next step

Blogging and writing, create Seo great articles about related finance topics, can sell your link correctly, should be step by step and "how" articles".

 Then using their  email marketing tool,  to achieve goals in short time , is a smart tricks.
 you might set up your email system,  using one free like mailchimp.
Blogger are making over $2000  monthly from showing ads only, in my last" How to start a seo better life?" book I shows how financial niche  keywords are the highest paid on Adsense and others networks.
In her post 35 Bloggers Making $1,000 to $300,000 Per Month author of Millennial boss shows blogs with incomes reports  above $1000 per months, my blog is making Below $1000  just a small amount.
Most of theme are sharing directly theirs revenues charts to improve profits like:

Lostgeny girl she’s making  over  $1,108.31 per month blogging, the design look  great,  and she sell ecourse about how to start a business from blogging

Most blog revenues comes from Ads networks and affiliate sponsors as like as:

1-Infiolink :  it is an old ads networks accept new bloggers  you get fast approve.
2-ad.plus famous network for Desktop and mobile video ad unit.
3- Pepperjam fast approve and no traffic exigence, you can validate your email and start earning by the next day.

so what skill have those bloggers need us to learn?
Basically , no think;

You could write, 
if you want to sell product, you might start a store, 
When you set up a blog, so you should write about what you know 
Even, making a leaving from writing , you need to do like a pro from here you need some make up skills , 
In Seo, Headline creation and social media management,

1-Seo: Since first day,focusing on  keywords and niche content is your key over Google portal, if you get it, you will be there for the next three months, so you never get out, maybe if , letting your blog down,

  • Do, every thing you know about Seo, from site map , meta, to graphic names and links optimization, 
  • Another element, Labels and categories are seo too, this will give Google infos about your blog contents.
2-Free content tool: a 100% free title generator tool can be useful to improve your bog post headline
like Seopressor
3-Traking: eventually this mean placing Google Analytic Code, they developed the platform, which can switch  adsense and Marchant account together. it’s free and practical.

At the end, I am just a solopreneur,, new blogger  want to  share what I saw, what I tested , since doing business online,  because I need to stay here, no more office job any more this not a pro blog I know, but I am working to improve it, please feel free to put  your comment for any question.

If you are a Media creator fan and want to earn a lot of money by promoting videos and amateur clips,Start making money to share videos

Start here

How to Make Money with YouTube

This information is so old, but I seen that making money with youtoube is less published compared to other e business ways, So need any small information here, to help people e-business growing up:

The largest, most obvious video content option, YouTube serves up millions of views everyday across its wide spectrum of videos. The chances of making any meaningful money off of your videos on YouTube are unfortunately pretty grim at the moment. Unless you are accepted into their revenue sharing program as a “Partner” – which currently only the most popular video content producers are – you’re not going to see a dime from Google. They welcome anyone to apply here. In the words of celebrity blogger/vlogger Perez Hilton, who said he made a meagre $5,000 as a partner: “[N]ot to overestimate my own worth, but I probably have sent more traffic to YouTube than anyone else on the Internet.” Hilton has since quit using YouTube.Well, here step by step How to make money on youtoube.
  1. Download a popular music video or viral video with YouTube Catcher (FREE) and save it in FLV format.
  2. Convert FLV video to MPEG using SUPER software (FREE).
  3. Add watermarks to your videos with your website address on it promoting your affiliate offer using VirtualdubMOD (FREE). Read this tutorial on how to watermark your videos using this software.
  4. Cash the checks and repeat!
Here’s a run down of how I personally do this in proper order (to make it easy and understandable for you)…
  1. Download YouTube video and save it in FLV format
  2. Convert FLV to MPEG (using SUPER)
  3. Create watermark bitmap image in Photoshop (read the tutorial mentioned above)
  4. Import MPEG to VirtualDubMOD, add BMP image to video
  5. Export and save video as an AVI
Convert AVI to MPEG in SUPERThe watermark image should simply be text promoting your affiliate offer. I’ve had the most success promoting PPL (pay-per-lead) offers, such as ringtones, or e-mail submits. Make sure you hide your affiliate URL using a redirection service, such as TinyURL.com. It will make it easier for your viewers to remember the URL as well. If you don’t already belong to an affiliate network, check out my Money Making guide.
Upload the video to YouTube with a descriptive title of the video. In the description field, enter the URL you just created and some text describing your offer. Example: “Get aFREE Ringtone of this music video!”
It’s important to always follow the terms and conditions of each affiliate offer you’re promoting. Some offers restrict you from using the words, “free”, “best”, “guaranteed” etc. when promoting them. Check to make sure you aren’t violating any of these terms. It’s also best to use YouTube videos that are royalty free. Ignoring these rules and uploading a copyrighted video may get your video removed from YouTube and your account deleted. Your affiliate network account may also be terminated if a viewer reports you for promoting an offer in conjunction with a copyright violation. Play by the rules and you won’t have any problems. Your cash flow also won’t be cut off.

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15 Killer New Ways to start Rotating Ads business

This article is destined to  those Who want taking advantage of rotating ads business like LinKWorth  product.This mean selling Ads on  your blog or on your book. Sales of rotating ads have been climbing quickly over the past few years,  and advertisers are really taking to them.

If you are already publishing rotating ads  on your blog, and have experienced dealing with code and banner creation. you just starting an advertising agency, let’s divine the next step, do you need a full ads managent system  or Wordpress one, do you need training or want you start small?

1 choose the best agency trend

What’s the best business model for you? want you run  a full  ads  rotating business, or facebook ads management agency , this was the best training I got with Rick. Or may be you will work  with client demands, so you will provide booth social media and web site ads. Is this a full time or part time adventure? will you work with  a pro full system or will you use Wordpress plug-in. see your answer  then continue reading the next.

2 Do your homework

I not hear offering a blueprint about how to set your first advertising agency, but this is about what need to do to start the business in the right way.
So figure out about seting up your business plan, budget and book keeping , tasks management tool and  clients database system. create your media kit, start collecting your past work and create your portfolio,  set up messenger and Skye room , don’t forget to set the  payment system?

3 what about marketing

Start smart went you to spend  money befor  you get it. So try smart promotion tricks, like social media group for the business, give advice  start chat room one day per week, you can also a store for your advertising products and  sell the as standard quality.

4 learn the market

Start your workshop to learn every day about your business, Do you know the distinction of advertising sizes, the advantages of offers and the difference between the individual offer and the kit. Also focus on new script technology.


Danads this is self-service advertising, global enterprise, freelancer publishers and brands alo you to sell and take control of your client data in one place.
Google Adwords
Display ads on websites within the Google Content Network based on keywords and demographics.
Yahoo! Advertising
Very similar to that of the Google Content Network, Yahoo! Advertising allows you to place your banner ads on websites across their wide network.
Browse thousands of websites to advertise on selecting the website and ad position of your choice. Currently limited to web design and development website ad publishers.
Choose from one of many, many different advertising networks from Adify to find your specific niche market.
Commission Junction
Commission Junction provides a large network of ad publishing websites from which you can connect with to display banner ads on websites, e-mails, RSS feeds, and more.
ValueClick Media
With a huge network of ad publishers, ValueClick Media provides a good platform for any advertiser on any level.
AdOn Network
The AdOn Network provides innovative ways to target banner ads, one of which is based on a users browsing history.
Project Wonderful
Use the Project Wonderful search engine to browse an array of publishers to quickly get your banner ads up and running.
Specializing specifically in text and banner ads ADSDAQ gives you quite a few options on how to run, test, and monitor your banner ads.
Fusion is a great ad network within the web design and development genre with three distinctive advertising options.
The Deck

The Deck is another great ad network to reach the web design and development as well as creative design community.

How to set up linKWorth code for Wordpress blog?

Some customer need to insert linKworth ad to theire Wordpress blog.  However, he did not want to use the plugin. In addition, he wanted to combine LinkWorth ads with other ad networks inside one widget. The reasoning was to limit the number of widgets displaying on the sidebar. Today there is a new customer requesting the exact same thing, so I felt it might be useful to post an alternative option for anyone else looking for the same thing.
The problem with using our PHP File Inclusion inside a text widget is, the text widget does not parse PHP code. You can only put HTML or JavaScript inside these widgets.
If you do not want to use our plugin (which is the easier option since it incorporates almost all of our products), you are able to use our PHP File Inclusion publish option inside a widget, along with other ad network publish codes by following these steps.
  1. Install this PHP Code Widget plugin and activate it.
  2. Go to the widgets section and place the “PHP Code” widget where you want it to appear.
  3. Grab your File Inclusion PHP code from your LinkWorth account and insert it into the widget.
  4. Save the widget information and you’re done!
Here is a screenshot of how the widget will look with the LinkWorth code in, along with how you can publish other ad network code and html:
So you may choose between publishing a ‘home page only’ ad, you need to tell WordPress it should only be on the home page. You do so by adding this codebefore the LinkWorth code:
< ?php if(is_front_page()){ ?>
and then you add this code after the LinkWorth code:
< ?php } ?>
Or " all pages ads"
Here is a screenshot of how it will appear in the widget:
On other hand, there are also sub page links, but this gets a bit messy. You’ll definitely need to understand the WordPress conditional tags and make sure what you enter on your blog matches what you have setup with LinkWorth. For more info on this, you can read about it over at WordPress.
**Side Note**
The LinkWorth File Inclusion code examples used above should be replaced with the code found in your account. We used example code that does not work.